After learning the basics of French cuisine in a well-known restaurant in Alsace, I did summer and winter seasons in different locations: Verbier, Grindenwald, Luxembourg, Cruise ship, Zürich, Bern and Geneva.

The Lake Geneva region really pleased me and I dropped my suitcases. So I worked there first as a second at the Pearl Lake and as a chef and manager at the Omnibus, not far from the building of the driving forces.

After 8 years, I had the opportunity to settle in Mont-sur-Rolle, I decided to promote this beautiful place, by discovering guests passing through all the riches of this region that they are culinary , oenological or tourist.

Being epicurean myself, I enjoy cooking dishes that I appreciate while bringing a subtle touch of discovery and originality. My cooking is based on respect for the product of the seasons.

I am happy to take inspiration from local products such as fish from Lake Geneva, butchers, cheese makers and market gardeners. I bring a touch of mediterranean cuisine. I really like the flavors that aromatic herbs such as verbena and rosemary can bring, hence the name of the bed and breakfast.

It is with pleasure that I prepare the dishes in my kitchen which is the focal point of our house, you can attend if you wish.